Medical Consult For a Second Opinion

As an expert and obstetrician-gynecologist in women’s health, I see many patients in my office whom have been previously offered invasive and inappropriate treatments for their existing health conditions. It is important to take note that choosing either a surgical procedure or other treatments is crucially linked to a patients’ quality of life and therefore this decision and/or choice needs to be well thought out and clear.

Hence, I am available, as an expert to review your health status, your previous consultations, as well as treatments offered to you so far, in such a manner as to assist you in making the right choices with regards to the best approach to finding a solution to your problem. This in no means suggests that I take over your surgical plan per say, but simply that I am available to you for counseling and in order to help clearly guide you in choosing the type of surgery as well as the type of surgeon that will better address the specific problem from which you suffer.

You can be assured that we will review in detail all possibilities available and that I will suggest the best choice of treatment, one that will be most efficacious and representing the least amount of risk to you. This is a crucial decision for your health and must not be taken lightly.  A decision to undergo surgery must be a well informed decision and you deserve to be counseled appropriately.

Do not hesitate to contact me for further expertise and counseling concerning your choice of treatment.